Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Chrysalis.... RCL - - Angel Chocolate!

From the Ashes,
the Phoenix Rises.
The youth,
A new beginning.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
An idea - A Creation!
A Love - A Passion!
A Gift - A Joy!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
We Thrive -
on Creating,

Best Chocolate Experience

Now and Again...
(Repeat 00)

Friday, December 17, 2010

On line ordering coming Soon!

Raw Chocolate Love...

Bark, Truffles, Fondue!

It's all LOVE!!!


Pre-Order Savings preview!

Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 Raw Chocolate Love Pre-Launch Party!!!

Where? At your Home or office.
When? Monday, November 15th
How?Pre-order by Friday, November 5th

Free Vanilla Hemp Cream Truffle with each $30 order.

Call 916.572.6010 before Oct 22nd for your office party packet(order forms) with a Free 1 oz Sample with a minimum of 12 order forms.

Thank You for sharing the Love!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Raw Chocolate Love! Our Ingredients...

What a Joy it is to share with you the recently unveiled Ojio Website. Ojio is our main supplier of Raw bulk ingredients. AS a member of our buyer's club you have access to all they offer at below wholesale prices!

The list below you can view on line to view the super food values and benefits of each item. Each item eaten with another may increase the effects of the nutrient vales. What an amazing joy it is learning to eat instinctively seeing through the excitement of marketing. Returning to the simple gourmet life!

Our nuts and seeds come from local farms!
Almonds from Capay Valley
Walnuts from North central valley

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rawkin SALE!!!

Save $$$ today!

Enjoy Wholesale prices on
Raw Chocolate Love!

All varieties of chocolate are on sale!
Call to place your order today!

Monkey Crunch (banana, walnut, nib),
Goji coconut nib
2 oz packages Retail $9 only $7.50

Butter cups:
Almond or Cashew
Retail $4 only $3.00 ea

Banana bites: Sun dried bananas covered in RCL
$20/# Special $16/#

Frozen bananas dipped in Truly Raw Chocolate: (with coconut oil, mucuna, mesquite powder, vanilla caviar) coated with goji, nibs & coconut
7.50 Special $6.50
Available at Banana Festival August

Current Pick up locations:
2135 Dale Ave (kitchen)
What stores do you wish to see RCL?
Ask for it!
Call today 916.572.6010

RCL is Nutritionally Dense.
Enjoy Respectfully.
Fill your heart with Joy!
Feel the Love!

WARNING!!! For Nutritional purposes only!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Raw Chocolate Love!

How it all began...
in the late summer of 2006 I had the Joyous pleasure of meeting Abeba Wright and many other published authors; Victoria Boutenko, Gabriele Cousens, Brigitte Mars and more!

IN 2007 Abeba eke named me as "Raw Chocolate Love" stating "If anyone talks about you by any other name I will say 'Who?' Thus the name and the personality were born.

Here we are 2010 and this is the 5th year of the Raw and Living spirit retreat

Hope to see YOU there!